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About this object

Go out on a clear winters evening and look in the Eastern sky and you will see the Constellation Orion rising in the east. What you don't see is the myriad of deep sky objects hidden from view due to most of them being very faint. The image above is a deep wide field image of Orion showing the main constellation stars and dim deep sky objects within the Constellation. Below the image is the camera field of view as shown by Sky Safari Pro. In the image, favorite deep sky objects such as the Horse Head Nebula and the great Orion Nebula are easily seen. The reddish half circle around the constellation is called Barnards Loop and is an area of hydrogen emission. Off to the upper left of the image is the Rosette Nebula. The very faint reddish circle looking object near the Rosette is the Monoceros Loop supernova remnant. This is truly a fascinating area of the sky..

Image Details

  • Optics : Rokinon 35mm f1.4 lens at f4
  • Mount: Astrotrac
  • Camera: Canon 60Da
  • Filters: None
  • Exposure: (10) 3 min exposures at ISO 3200
  • Camera/Mount Control: Interval Timer
  • Location: Chiefland Fall Star Party, Chiefland FL
  • Date: Nov 12
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