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Faint Nebula Sharpless 2-53

About this object

Lying close to M16 in the constellation Scutum, SH2-53 is a faint hydrogen emission area within the Milky Way. This image shows the brighter part of the Nebula. When imaged using a Hydrogen Alpha filter, the area is full of faint nebulosity.

Image Details

  • Optics : 10"Astrograph@f3.79
  • Mount: Mountain Instruments MI-250
  • Camera: QSI 583
  • Filters: Astrodon 31mm LRGB filters
  • Exposure: LRGB 120:120:80:80 RGB bin 2x2
  • Camera/Mount Control: Maxim DL 4.56, CCD Commander
  • Location: Stark Bayou Observatory, Ocean Springs, MS
  • Date: May 11
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