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NGC 2506

About this object

NGC 2506 is a bright open cluster in the constellation Monoceros. It shines at magnitude 7.6, is 12 arcmin in size and contains around 150 stars. NGC 2506 is roughly 1.1 billion years old. NGC 2506 also goes by the designation Collinder 170 and Melotte 80.

This image was taken on 12 April 17 just after the full moon. It was shot with my 10” f5 Astrograph at a focal length of 1250mm and .88 arcsec/pixel. The individual exposure times were 300sec or 5min through RGB filters binned 1x1. The individual filter exposures were 30min through each filter for a total of 90min.

Even though a bright moon was shining in the SE sky a few faint galaxies were also captured in this relatively short exposure. You can see them on this
annotated image.

Processing was done using PixInsight 1.8
Image Details

  • Optics : 10” f5 Astrograph
  • Mount: Paramount MYT
  • Camera: QSI 583
  • Filters: Astrodon 36mm RGB
  • Exposure: RGB: 30:30:30 90min total
  • Camera/Mount Control: The Sky X, CCD Auto Pilot 5
  • Focusing: @Focus 2
  • Guiding: SX Lodestar
  • Processing: PixInsight 1.8,
  • Location: Stark Bayou Observatory, Ocean Springs, MS
  • Date: 12 April 17
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