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The Great Spiral Galaxy M33

About this object

Messier 33 (NGC 598) is commonly known as the Triangulum Galaxy. Barely visible to the naked eye, this nearby spiral is the third-largest galaxy in the Local Group, after the nearby Andromeda Galaxy (M 31) and our own Milky Way. This image is composed of roughly 20hrs worth of data. This image was shot in my suburban backyard showing that its possible to get good data even from less than pristine skies, if you shoot enough of it. Since the small 70mm refractor and camera where under sampled, the image was combined using the PixInsight implementation of the Drizzle algorithm which boosted the apparent resolution of the camera/scope combination. Ha was mixed into the normal RGB data to bring out the numerous red emission nebula within M33.
Image Details

  • Optics : Stellarvue SV 70T triplet refractor@f4.8
  • Mount: Paramount MYT
  • Camera: QSI 583
  • Filters: Astrodon 36mm LRGB+5nm HA
  • Exposure: HaLRGB: 400:300:200:200:200
  • Camera/Mount Control: The Sky X, CCD Auto Pilot 5
  • Guiding: Unguided using ProTrack
  • Processing: PixInsight 1.8,
  • Location: Stark Bayou Observatory, Ocean Springs, MS
  • Date: Oct-Nov 2016
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