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VDB 152

About this object

VDB 152 is the bright blue reflection nebula at the top of a eery dust cloud. Also called CED 210, it lies in the constellation Cepheus. Its thought that ultraviolet light from the star within the reflection nebula is causing the reddish glow of the interstellar cloud of gas.

Below and to the right of VDB 152 is a red and blue/green planetary nebula called DeHt 5 (Dengl-Hartl 5) which was discovered in 1979. This image was taken at the 2016 Okie Tex Star Party.
Image Details

  • Optics : Stellarvue SVS 130 6 element refractor
  • Mount: Paramount MyT
  • Camera: SBIG STL 11K
  • Filters: Custom Scientific 50mm LRGB filter set
  • Exposure: LRGB 260:100:110:110
  • Camera/Mount Control: The Sky X, CCD Autopilot
  • Guiding: Unguided using Protrack
  • Processing: PixInsight
  • Location: Okie Tex Star Party Kenton OK
  • Date: Late Sep 16
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