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The Propeller Nebula

About this object

The Propeller Nebula in the constellation Cygnus, is a faint emission nebula also called DWB 111 named due to its shape. This nebula is part of a much larger emission nebula complex covering a large portion of the sky. The above image is a HaRGB composite combining data from the SVQ100 and two camera's, a SBIG STL 11K for RGB and QSI 583 for Ha. There is a link above for a look at the larger field of view STL 11K image showing the larger extent of the nebulosity. After I processed the original LRGB image from the STL 11K, I decided to also include Hydrogen Alpha because of the faint nature of this object and my suburban skies. The STL 11K image is composed of 19.8 hrs of data, the HaRGB image above is composed of 21.3hrs of data.

Image Details

  • Optics : Stellarvue SV100Q Quadruplet Refractor
  • Mount: Mountain Instruments MI-250
  • Camera: QSI 583, SBIG STL 11K
  • Filters: Astrodon 5nm Ha, STL LRGB filters
  • Exposure: Ha: 460min 2x2, LRGB: 370:340:240:240
  • Camera/Mount Control: Maxim DL 5.23, CCD Commander
  • Processing: PixInsight 1.8 Ripley
  • Location: Stark Bayou Observatory, Ocean Springs, MS
  • Date: July/Aug 2014
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