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Area near M99

About this object

This image is a deep sky look at the area around the spiral galaxy M99. M99, also known as NGC 4254 is a spiral galaxy and lies about 50million light years from us. It's located in the lower right part of the image. To the central left side are two bright galaxies, the dusty spiral NGC 4298 at 53million light years distant and NGC 4302, the edge on galaxy which lies 54 million light years distant. Near the upper part of the image is NGC 4262 which is a barred spiral galaxy. Its also around 50million light years distant. There are many smaller, faint and more distant galaxies also labeled. The galaxies in the image are part of the Virgo cluster, the closest galaxy cluster to us. By clicking on the top picture, a higher resolution image will be displayed. The hyper link below it will show a full resolution image of this area.

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