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The great star forming region NGC 1333 in the Perseus Molecular Cloud

About this object

This image has a great story behind it. I recently posted an image of NGC 1333 taken from home with my 152mm refractor. A friend of mine and also a WM Keck Astronomer in Hawaii, wrote me that he liked the image and he had high resolution data of NGC 1333 taken with the 4 m Mayall reflector on Kitt Peak that had not been combined into a color image. The data was used in a research paper published in 2005 in the astronomical journal. The authors found 72 new HERBIG-HARO objects within a larger field and many within the field of this image. I've also included a link to an annotated image which shows the new HERBIG_HARO discoveries. The resolution of the image is 0.28 arcsec/pixel. Please check out the higher res image links above for incredible resolution of nebula details.

Processing: The image is a false color composite assigning SII and Ha to the Red channel, Ha and I band to the Green channel and I band to the Blue channel using pixelmath. A synthetic luminance image was created from the three masters and 40 iterations of deconvolution were run sharpening the luminance. This was combined with the color composite creating the image above. A starless mask was generated using the luminance image and Starnet ++. This mask was used to perform several iterations of local histogram equalization. Saturation was increased also using the starless mask. No noise reduction was performed on the image.
Image Details

  • Optics : KPNO 4 m Mayall reflector
  • Camera: NOAO Mosaic imager (8 CCD's)
  • Filters: 8nm Ha, 8nm SII, 153nm SDSS I band
  • Exposure (min): Ha ~ 45min, SII ~ 45min, I band ~ 15min
  • Processing: PixInsight 1.8,
  • Location: Kitt Peak National Observatory
  • Image Credit: Josh Walawender, John Bailey and Bo Reipurth
  • Processing: Jon Talbot
  • Date exposed: Oct 11-14 2001
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