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Globular Cluster Messier 5

About this object

Hanging out in the Constellation Serpens is the bright globular cluster Messier 5. M5 is thought to contain over 100,000 stars packed into a diameter of 165 light years. It's distance is approximately 25 thousand light years and is estimated to be 13 billion years old. M5 contains many red giant and blue stars. See the full size image link above to get a better view of the star colors.
Image Details

  • Optics : Stellarvue SVS130 refractor @f5 655mm FL
  • Mount: Paramount MYT
  • Camera: QSI 683
  • Filters: Astrodon
  • Exposure (min): RGB 100:120:115
  • Camera/Mount Control: The Sky X, CCD Auto Pilot 5
  • Guiding: Unguided using ProTrack
  • Processing: PixInsight 1.8,
  • Location: Stark Bayou Observatory, Ocean Springs, MS
  • Sky: Typical SQM 19.6-20.0, Bortle 5, Suburban
  • Date: March 2019
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